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Suzanne H.

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As an executive, bodybuilding competitor, fitness instructor, and business owner, I know the importance of being a healthy leader in body and mind and aligning my health values with my leadership values.

My passion is to help you make yourself a priority while balancing your busy lifestyle. With my extensive experience in Executive Wellness Coaching, I'll arm you with the insights, motivation, and structure to achieve your health and wellness objectives. I'll use GFIT's 4-step bulletproof system to customize your wellness journey and equip you with the necessary tools to sustain your results forever. I aim to empower you to fulfill your highest personal, family, business, and social potential through sustainable mindset and lifestyle changes.

A professional lifestyle can be demanding, stressful, and depleting, so I'm here to help you come to work energized, ready to make critical decisions, and manage challenges while still having the energy left for the most important people in your life.

If you're ready to prioritize your health and wellness, please reach out to me today to schedule a call and start creating your vision for a healthier future with the support of a caring and dedicated coach.

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