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Why GFIT Corporate Wellness?

Our corporate health and fitness solution compliments traditional benefit plans to improve your employees’ overall wellness, ensuring that each employee has the resources they need to meet your organization’s metric for success.
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HOW it works
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Reduced healthcare costs

Implementing our proactive Wellness Program will combat many preventable chronic issues, saving costs in the long run.
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Reduced absenteeism

Our Wellness Program encourages healthy habits that reduce physical and mental absenteeism, boosting organizations’ bottom lines.
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Reduced stress

Our Wellness Program will implement stress management strategies to reduce the amount of sick and stress leave days.
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Increased productivity

Our Wellness Program will motivate your employees to exercise, eat better, feel well-rested, and as a result, will help increase their overall productivity.
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Improved culture

Our Wellness Program will help employees be more engaged and help your organization retain key company players.

Benefits of an effective wellness program

An analysis by Sun Life Financial showed that companies that have an effective corporate wellness program reduced costs and experienced financial gains, including:
  • 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year
  • 11% higher revenue per employee
  • 28% higher shareholder returns
We will design monthly wellness challenges for your organization to keep your employees engaged. We will also provide reports that document your employees’ health and wellness evolution and your company as a whole.

Monthly wellness challenges and quarterly wellness reports

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