Insured Services FAQ

How do I register for professional services with GFIT?

In order to register, you must receive confirmation from a GFIT staff member that you have been enrolled in our insured services. 

If you are not yet enrolled, please visit the following link and submit the Insurance Questionnaire, and then book a call to confirm services. You will be prompted to book a call after you submit the form. 

If you do not receive confirmation from GFIT,  your membership will proceed as non-insured and you will not receive professional services nor will you receive insurance receipts for professional services.

If you are unsure if you are properly registered, please email support@gfitwellness.ca to confirm.

When do I receive my insurance receipts to submit to my insurance company?

Insurance receipts are issued weekly by email after the confirmation of services rendered has been received by GFIT from the registered professional. There is, therefore, a delay from when you pay your membership dues to when you receive your receipts as we cannot issue insurance receipts until after your professional service has been rendered. 

Please make sure to check your promotions and spam folder as sometimes the insurance receipts are automatically filed there by your email provider. If you do not see it anywhere in your email and you have waited  1 week after your professional service was rendered, please email support@gfitwellness.ca and we will look into it for you. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your GFIT Monthly invoice is not your insurance receipt. This is a prepayment for services which will be rendered throughout the month. Please do not submit this to your insurance provider as it is not an insurance receipt and will most likely not be covered by your insurer. Insurance receipts will clearly state “Insurance Receipt” on the document.

How do I know if the professional services at GFIT are covered by my insurance provider?

It is your responsibility to confirm that your insurance provider covers the services for the wellness program which you have chosen. You should have access to your benefits accounts through an online web portal and/or through an app. Usually the online web portal is more thorough and contains more information regarding the specifics of your policy. You can usually find the covered providers under Extended Health Care and/or Paramedical Services. You may also have a Health Spending Account (HSA) which you could use for any of the pre-approved professional services.

Please check for the following professional services (services offered vary by province and are subject to change): 
1. Registered Dietitian or Nutritional Counselling as performed by a Registered Dietitian.
2. Registered Social Worker
3. Clinical Counsellor
4. Psychotherapist

What are some of the questions to ask my insurance provider to determine if GFIT’s professional services are covered by my plan?

If you are considering our Registered Dietician services, please check the following:
1. Do you need a doctor’s note?
If you do need a doctor's note, it is important that the note is dated before the first service you receive by the dietitian (this means you need to receive this note before your coach sends the meal plan to the dietitian for review.) Please make sure to let the coach know if you have not received a necessary doctor’s note. Please make sure to obtain this note promptly so as to not hold up your professional services which would cause a delay in your admissible insurance receipts.
2. Does the doctor’s note need to specify a certain illness or diagnosis or does the provider cover preventative dietitian care?
3. How much coverage do you have per year?
4. How much percentage of the appointment do they cover?
5. Is there a price cap per appointment?
6. Does your coverage restart in the new year or on a certain date? 

If you are considering our Registered Social Worker services, please check the following:
1.Do you need a doctor’s note?
2. Do you need the Social Worker to have a Master’s degree or is a Registered Social Worker in the province where you live sufficient for coverage?
3. How much coverage do you have per year?
4. What percentage of the appointment fee do they cover?
5. Is there a price cap per appointment?

If you are considering our Registered Psychology services, please check the following:
1. Do you need a doctor’s note?
2. How much coverage do you have per year?
3. What percentage of the appointment fee do they cover?
4. Is there a price cap per appointment?

What should I do when my insurance coverage runs out?

Upon approaching an estimated date, you may receive an automated notice about your insurance coverage ending. If you suspect your coverage is running out, you have a few options to consider: 
1. You could continue your professional program as-is without reimbursement for your services

2. You could switch up your professional service program if you have other coverage which may apply (this currently includes social worker, dietitian and/or psychology services)

3. You could switch to the standard coaching program (without professional services) at a reduced cost.
We suggest having a discussion with an insurance specialist to determine the best route. Please email support@gfitwellness.ca to book an appointment or for more information about your options.

Please take note that your current program and payments will continue unless you make changes to your membership. Please also note that the estimated date we have on file for when your coverage ends may not always be accurate. We suggest reviewing your coverage on your benefits app or online portal for accurate information regarding balances and your future top-up dates, etc.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, please contact your coach so they can walk you through the process and provide you a link to a cancellation form. As per our cancellation policy, we just ask that you fill out and submit this form at least 10 days prior to the start of your next billing cycle. This will ensure that your cancellation will be fully processed in time.

I did not receive my insurance receipt, what should I do?

If you notice that you have not received an insurance receipt the Friday after one of your services, the first thing you should do is check your spam folder. It is possible that your insurance receipt email was filtered out to your spam folder.

If not found within your spam folder, please email support@gfitwellness.ca to inquire and ask for further assistance.

Why does my insurance receipt only cover half of my membership fee?

If you are registered under a program with two services, you may be wondering why your receipt only amounts to a portion of your membership payment. This is because you will be receiving a second receipt for your second service, which will cover the remaining cost of your payment. 

I am registered for Social Worker Services, how do I book?

After your first payment goes through, you will receive an automatic email with your booking links and then an automated email reminder every two weeks as long as you are enrolled in the program.

Need more help?

Benefits plans can be confusing! We offer free consultations to help you determine your coverage. We never guarantee coverage but can help you navigate your plan. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to confirm that our professional services are covered by your policy.

We do not issue refunds for services rendered if you discover they are not covered by your plan. If you would like to book a free consultation call to discuss, please email support@gfitwellness.ca

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