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GFIT Wellness

transforming lives, one healthy habit at a time

About GFIT Wellness

GFIT Wellness delivers a 360-degree, customized health solution for individuals and companies. We know that the best way to feel better, become more productive, and improve the overall quality of life is to work on your physical and mental health.
Our values
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Building a culture where coaches, clients, and partners are part
of a big healthy, and supportive family.
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We believe in supporting individuals to transform into the best version of themselves (customers, partners, and employees)
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We are not afraid to question the status quo and will never settle in our pursuit of disrupting the wellness industry.
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Passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals.
Our mission is to become the #1 wellness coaching company in Canada. We’ll achieve our mission by helping our clients achieve theirs and providing access to the most effective physical, mental, and emotional care that permanently empowers people to reach their health and wellness goals. Our holistic approach to physical, psychological, and emotional wellness helps you be your best – inside and out. GFIT teaches enduring healthy habits to deliver lifelong transformations.

Our mission

To help people become the best version of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our team of registered health professionals knows that physical, mental, and emotional wellness are interconnected and provides support across all these dimensions.

Our brand promise

Our vision

To become the largest digital wellness clinic in North America through a proactive approach to health and wellness.
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Our brand pillars


We help out clients set goals and stick to them. We have wellness coordinators to help you identify the support you need and to connect you with registered health professionals and coaches who will help you reach your wellness goals.

All things wellness

We have a team of registered professionals, physicians, and coaches to provide well-rounded care. We focus not only on physical health, but also mental and emotional health. We have all the paramedical services listed on your benefits plan—in one place. We have doctors, pharmacists, and other wellness professionals across the country.

Maximizing insurance

Most insurance providers cover our services. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your insurance to be your best self.

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