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Matthew T.

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While I enjoyed exercise and working out most of my life, I struggled to achieve my goals until I hired a GFIT coach on my own quest for change and self-improvement. With the right supports and accountability, I learned how to develop discipline and be consistent with effective, sustainable habits.

My personal transformation ignited the desire to support others on their fitness journey. I understand the need for a holistic approach that encompasses mindset, discipline and specific goals.

I bring a deep knowledge of exercise physiology and how to exercise safely and effectively with my background as a Physiotherapist.

Combining my experience as a Physiotherapist with extensive knowledge in exercise physiology, I can ensure your workouts are safe and efficient and effective.

I am excited to provide you with the knowledge and guidance that will empower you to be your best. Let’s discuss your specific goals and make a plan to achieve them and live your best life.

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