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Lexie C.

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As a coach I strive to be your biggest cheerleader, celebrating the big milestones and all the little wins along the way. I love emphasizing the positive and focusing on what we can build together - strength, confidence and your best self.

As a young woman I dealt with disordered eating from diet culture and the immense pressure to be thin - now I love helping women change their focus and feel empowered by getting strong.

I'm a mom to a young daughter and am passionate about helping other moms navigate their pre- and post-partum health and fitness journey with all the challenges that encompasses.

I have autoimmune diseases, gut issues and dietary restrictions, and am so rewarded by getting to help clients dealing with the same.

Know that whatever struggles you're facing, I’m here to support you. To me fitness is about building sustainable habits, and I promise to help build a routine that is going to work for you, rather than trying to fit your life around a prescribed routine.

Can't wait to get started!

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