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April K.

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For 19 years I’ve been helping clients live, look, and feel better.

I use my own experiences, science, and a habit-based approach to help clients find ways of eating and moving that work for them, without feeling restricted. No food is off-limits!

Personally, I have transformed from a cardio bunny to a natural-figure competitor. Mentally, I have left disordered eating habits like bingeing, restricting, and fearing food, to eating for my goals without fear, guilt, or shame.

I help my clients create new normals as we work on how they eat, sleep, move, handle stress, and relationships, along with their mental, emotional, and physical health. Everything’s connected and matters.

I'm also very passionate about helping women who are in the menopause transition or post menopausal period learn to work with their bodies while reaching their goals.

I would love to help you reach your goals too. One habit at a time. 1% better each day!

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