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Anna P.

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As a Health Scientist, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer, I am on a mission to help people cut through all the diet noise and achieve a bulletproof relationship with food. 

By shifting away from a diet mentality and moving to a science-backed way of eating and movement, I was able to lose 65lbs and solve my infertility issues resulting in 2 amazing children.

I have worked in the field of diabetes for 15 years and have seen firsthand what insulin resistance and uncontrolled blood sugar can do to someone’s metabolism and therefore weight. I am passionate about helping people leave behind the dieting mentality that leads to metabolic slowing and hormonal havoc and causes them to get stuck on the rollercoaster of weight loss and regain. I also specialize in a scientifically proven Neuro-nutritionTM framework that focuses on un-dieting the mind (removing old thoughts, patterns and beliefs ) to lay the groundwork for metabolic healing and sustainable fat loss.

I not only talk the talk but I have walked the walk and I would love to help you start your transformation today. Book your free assessment and let’s chat!

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