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Agustina P.

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As a wellness coach, my journey through overcoming an eating disorder and education on health and wellness equips me to guide others towards health and well-being. Through my personal struggle, I have gained insight into mental and physical wellness, gaining empathy, and understanding towards those facing similar challenges. 

After studying and learning about proper nutrition and exercise, and continuously learning about such topics, I find myself wanting to help others to reach their goals and provide the proper guidance on how to approach their obstacles. 

Through my dedication to recovery, I have a deep understanding of the physical and mental struggles that come with an eating disorder and want to help individuals along their unique paths towards healing and self-acceptance. My firsthand experience serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace self-care, mindfulness, and sustainable lifestyle changes. As your wellness coach, you not only gain a compassionate ally but also a knowledgeable mentor who is committed to empowering you throughout your journey to lasting health and wellness.

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