Get healthier and happier employees

The GFIT Personal Wellness Development Program provides up to 10 months of one-on-one health and wellness coaching for employees interested in reducing stress, improving sleep, eating healthier, exercising regularly, and more.

‍Implementing these new healthy habits will reduce sick days, improve productivity and engagement, and create a healthier and happier organization overall.

‍If you are eligible to receive the funding you should expect reimbursement within approximately 7 business days.
HOW it works
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Reduced healthcare costs

Implementing our proactive Wellness Program will combat many preventable chronic issues, saving costs in the long run.
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Reduced absenteeism

Our Wellness Program encourages healthy habits that reduce physical and mental absenteeism, boosting organizations’ bottom lines.
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Reduced stress

Our Wellness Program will implement stress management strategies to reduce the amount of sick and stress leave days.
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Increased productivity

Our Wellness Program will motivate your employees to exercise, eat better, feel well-rested, and as a result, will help increase their overall productivity.
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Better culture

Our Wellness Program will help employees be more engaged and help your organization retain key company players.

Personal Wellness Development Program

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What's included

One-on-one wellness coach

One-on-one wellness coach will keep you accountable and provide you support throughout your wellness journey.

Training to develop healthy habits

Our program will teach you how to build healthy habits to improve your mental health, reduce your stress, improve your sleep, etc.

Monthly customized meal and exercise plans

Our customized meal and exercise plans will keep you motivated and help you improve your overall health.

Access to the GFIT App and more!

Weekly check-ins, monthly assessments, daily task tracker, guided meditations, 500+ exercise videos, easy, healthy, tasty recipes, access to Digital Clinic, workout log, mental health podcasts, etc.

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Corporate wellness solution

What our corporate clients are saying...

corporate client stephen sutherland

“Collaborative, innovative, and authentic!”

Three words that are synonymous with GFIT are collaborative, innovative, and authentic! CMHA has co-designed mental health programs with GFIT tailored to their members. If you are looking to learn the tools to maintain your wellness, look no further and connect with the GFIT team!

Stephen P Sutherland
Program Director of Canadian Mental Health Association
corporate client lori wheeler

“This program is great for mental and physical health”

We decided to give our whole team the benefit of GFIT by providing them access to their incredible portal of videos on everything from yoga and meditation to upbeat workout videos. This program is a great resource for mental wellness, nutrition, and physical health and an excellent way for staff to support each other on a wellness journey.

Lori Wheeler
Director/Member Engagement at Tech Manitoba
corporate client elizabeth diane cron

“Authentic and impactful community leaders...”

Grant and Arturo at GFIT Wellness are authentic and impactful community leaders  – whether it be chairing our Small Business Council or providing content articles or videos for our members. The entire GFIT team has been so generous with their time and knowledge. It is very clear they care deeply about the overall wellness of our community.

Elizabeth Diane Cron
VP of Programs/Marketing at The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
corporate client markus kaulius

“We're so happy to partner up with GFIT”

Finding a healthy balance between fitness, mental health, and daily routines can be tricky and critical. We're so happy to partner up with GFIT to help our Magnum family find that balance in a professional, safe, easy to use the portal. Thank you, GFIT, for caring about our world's well-being!

Markus Kaulius
CEO of Magnum
corporate client barbara kirouac

“GFIT helps you to become the best version of yourself.”

GFIT Wellness helps you to become the best version of yourself, taking care of your mind, body, and soul. We highly recommend GFIT for wellness to every manager's age to keep their teams engaged and productive.

Barbara Kirouac
Director of Human Resources at Community Living
One-on-one coaching

What our clients are saying...

gfit client josephine opanubi before and after picture

“GFIT worked with my busy schedule.”

After having four kids, working full time. and adulting, I felt like I had no time to eat, let alone workout.  My priorities were focused on my little ones and my job. GFIT worked with my schedule and helped me make wellness a priority. 

Josephine Opanubi
Our proud client
gfit client lyndon reid before and after photo

“There is simply no one better in the industry.”

Working with GFIT provided me with knowledge in the areas of Exercise and Nutrition that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life and pass onto my children.

Lyndon Reid
Our proud client
gfit client nicole pelletier before and after photo

“GFIT has been a complete game-changer for me"

I have always struggled with nutrition and finding a healthy balance. I learned that you can still eat nutritious food and lose weight. What I wasn’t expecting is how my energy levels and self-esteem would skyrocket.

Nicole Pelletier
Our proud client
gfit client gerald tokariwski before and after photo

“I now have confidence in myself.”

Through the help of GFIT and great coaching, I feel great! I lost weight, gained tons of energy, vitality, and flexibility. I now have the confidence to do things that I thought I would never be able to accomplish.

Gerald Tokariwski
Our proud client
gfit client cheryl hirst before and after photo

“I have never felt happier, healthier, or more confident.”

Since joining GFIT, I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition and have found a healthy, SUSTAINABLE lifestyle that works for me. My only regret is not joining them sooner!

Cheryl Hirst
Our proud client
gfit client matt blair before and after photo

"Created better habits, and I became more disciplined."

We created better habits, my energy levels increased, stress levels dropped, and I became more disciplined. Not to mention attaining an aesthetic look that I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend Anthony and the GFIT team!

Matt Blair
Our proud client
gfit client samantha sheppard before and after picture

“It has given me a whole new lease on life.”

My 4 years with GFIT have given me so much, including a healthier mind and body while, preparing me for becoming a mom. It has given me a whole new lease on life while allowing me to enjoy it!

Samantha Sheppard
Our proud client

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