The Benefits of a Workout Buddy

Are you working out alone and struggling to perform at a high level? Are you falling short of reaching your fitness goals?  You need to consider finding yourself a workout buddy! The right workout partner can be a game-changer and literally the difference between lackluster results and incredible results.

But, before you start seeking out a potential workout buddy it is important to carefully consider certain characteristics and choose wisely. Picking the wrong person can be detrimental to your progress. Research shows that the right partner will increase your performance, keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. Let’s discuss what to look for and what to avoid.

What To Look For:

Similar Goals

Having similar goals with your workout buddy is paramount. Are you wanting to get shredded while your partner wants to dirty bulk? If this is the case, your training styles would be the complete opposite. When wanting to cut fat, you would likely be using shorter rest periods with super-sets, drop sets, and cardio… Meanwhile, your buddy would be wanting to use heavier weights with less volume, longer rest periods, and avoiding cardio at all costs. Having compatible goals will dramatically increase your results and productivity in the gym. If you’re not at the gym for the same reasons, it may not be the best partnership.


If you’re going to sweat through a workout with someone for an hour or two every day, it’s pretty important that you like them and enjoy their company.  Otherwise, you might find yourself avoiding your workouts because you dread spending time with that person. An ideal workout partner would be positive, enthusiastic, focused and driving you to reach your maximum potential. The time spent grueling through workouts is a unique bonding experience that builds trust and often leads to long lasting friendships.


Your pre-workout has kicked in, your partner is nowhere to be found, and you are literally “itching” to hit the weights. Choose a partner with a similar attitude towards punctuality, enthusiasm and commitment. There is no point in having a workout buddy that is never on time or cancels training sessions last minute. Ensure that your schedules line up as well. If you’re not available on the same days and times as your workout partner, the relationship is not going to work.

What to Avoid:

Poor work ethic

Attitude is everything. Avoid people that are negative, complain, make excuses, or drain your energy. You should not have to constantly be the one to motivate them. It’s a partnership and you are there to push each other to work harder.  Steer clear of someone who wants to cut workouts short or skip difficult exercises. Instead, choose a gym partner who has a positive outlook and will provide a source of motivation. In comparison, to someone that would throw road blocks in the way of you reaching your goals.

Big Ego

Stay away from a workout partner that is more concerned with finding the perfect lighting to take their next gym selfie or is always trying to lift weight that is clearly too heavy. The biggest mistake anyone can make is lifting or pushing too much weight without using proper form. A person may put themselves in a dangerous position that can cause injury. Perfect form is beneficial to our overall results. So, a workout buddy who is overly competitive or not willing to check their ego at the door and use proper technique is not the right fit for you.


You want to avoid someone who is more concerned about their social life than their gains. It’s called a “workout” because you are there to work. If your workout partner spends more time scoping for chicks to chat up between sets, reminiscing about the weekend, texting, or scrolling their Instagram feeds, drop them like a 150-pound dumbbell because they are sabotaging your efforts! Fitness goals are serious business that demand focus if you want to achieve optimal results.

"Research shows that having a good workout buddy will help with motivation and performance.The right partner will give you the confidence to lift more, provide a spot to prevent injury, hold you accountable and committed, catch flaws in your form that can be corrected, and provide healthy competition."

Knowing all of this, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would ever workout alone. But before you pick your gym buddy it’s important to be aware of what to seek out and what to avoid. Choose wisely and crush your fitness goals.

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