5 Energy Boosting Foods to Help Stay Energized

Are you finding yourself more tired throughout the day? Struggling to complete your daily tasks? A lack of energy could affect your daily activities and make you less productive.

As you all know, the type and quantity of food you eat play essential roles in determining your energy levels during the day. Although foods give you energy, some foods contain nutrients that could help increase your energy levels and maintain your alertness and focus throughout the day.

Here are 5 energy boosting foods you can have to help maintain your energy levels throughout the day and stay productive.

1. Fatty fish

Fatty fish like salmon are good sources of protein, fatty acids, and B Vitamins, making them great foods to include in your diet. A serving of salmon or tuna provides you the recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation, which is a common cause of fatigue.

2. Coffee

Coffee might be the first drink you ‘d think to consume when you're looking for an energy boost. Coffee is rich in caffeine and can increase the production of epinephrine - a hormone that stimulates the body and brain.

It's not recommended to consume over 4 cups of coffee, per day.

3. Eggs

Eggs are full of energy which can help fuel your day in the morning. They're packed with protein, which can give you a steady sustained source of energy.  The amino acid found in eggs leucine is known to stimulate energy production in several ways. Leucine can help cells take in more blood sugar, stimulate the production of energy cells, and increase the breakdown of fat to produce energy.

4. Dark chocolate

Dark cocoa isn't only tasty but it contains antioxidants shown to have many health benefits, such as increasing blood flow throughout your body. The effects of dark chocolate help the delivery of oxygen to the brain and muscles, which improves their function. This can be especially helpful during exercise.

5. Goji berries

Goji berries have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries due to the numerous benefits they carry.

They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this fruit is known to be a good source of fiber. A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving provides 2 grams of fiber, which can help slow digestion and release energy slowly.

These are just some of the many foods that can help boost your energy. Whether they are packed with carbs for available energy, or fiber and protein for a slower release of energy, these foods can help increase your power and stamina. Try incorporating these foods into your diet to start your days off right.

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