3 Ways to Use Your Journal For Self Care

If you're new to journaling, one of the biggest road-blocks is not knowing where to start. Some of us don't realize the benefits journaling can have on our mood throughout the day. It helps us channel our thoughts and feelings, forcing us to deal with our emotions rather than avoiding them. If you notice yourself having a bad day, set aside 5-10 minutes to examine those feelings. Self reflection can identify a specific worry or problem that needs to be addressed. 

Here are 3 helpful tips to explore your feelings and store them in a self-care journal:
1. Observe & Explore Your Feelings

Do you ever find yourself having a rough day, struggling with a bad mood that comes out of nowhere - but you have no idea why?

If so, you’re not alone. This feeling is common and at times it can be very tempting to give in to the negativity. There will be times when you give in to the negativity and just call it a day. You don't have to be positive or happy all the time, but if you find yourself having too many bad days, here's how to turn that around. 

Self-reflection will help you identify your specific problem that needs to be addressed. Once you understand why you're feeling down, you can do something about it. 

Here’s a simple journal prompt you can start with:

How do I feel right now?

This might sound very general, but tap into every emotion you're feeling at that moment. There is usually a specific cause of your unhappiness- resentment, self-doubt, or disappointment - and being aware of this is important. 

2. Write a Gratitude List

Practising gratitude is an act of self-care because it shifts your mindset from all the negativity and channels the more positive emotions. Instead of feeling stressed and worried about what you’re lacking, you turn your attention to appreciation for the things you already have.

Find ten minutes out of your day and journal at least 5 things you feel thankful for, big or small. Then once you're done take a minute to reflect on what you wrote. It's a simple yet powerful way to ease your mind and lift your spirits. 

3. Clear your mind

One of the greatest acts of self-care is enjoying a quiet mind! Turn off the chatter, your to-do list, your emails and everything else you’ve been thinking about. Finding a few minutes to set it all down and enjoy the quiet is priceless. 

There are many ways to do this with mindfulness meditation being a popular one but another good self-care journal idea is to do a brain dump. Open to a blank page and let loose. Write down everything that’s on your mind until there is nothing left to write. This gives a sense of security knowing that your thoughts and worries are safely recorded so you can relax, let go, and enjoy the moment. 

Get Started

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and journal if you find it hard to express your emotions on a blank page. 

  1. What are the top five most important priorities in your life right now? Why are they important to you and what do you need to do to honour them?
  2. If you had all the time in the world, what ten things would you most want to do? Describe them all in detail.
  3. Start a gratitude list. List 5 blessings you receive each day, or things you're grateful for. 
  4. What are you feeling right now? What might be the cause of this emotion?
  5. If you had the ability to change one area of your life, which one would it be? Explain:

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