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Did you always want to get a fitness and mindset coach and couldn't afford it?
Now as a university student, you can get up to 5 months of 1-on-1 health & fitness coaching covered by your benefit plan.
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Join our coaching program and get the following services.

Service 1

One-on-One Health and Fitness Coaching

We will pair you with one of our certified health and fitness coaches. Each coach brings their own life experiences, perspectives, and personalities.
Service 2

Personalized Meal Plan

Our team of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists will design customized meal plans to meet your goals that are based on your food preferences and restrictions.
Service 3

Mindset Coaching

Monthly sessions with our Registered Professionals to provide mental health support in areas such as goal setting, stress management, mindset and more.
Service 4

Customized Exercise Plan

Our GFIT Team will design a personalized exercise plan based on your fitness level and lifestyle to keep you accountable and help you reach your goals.
Service 5

Constant Support

Our GFIT Team will track your progress with weekly check-ins, monthly virtual assessments, and unlimited communication. We’ll keep you accountable, celebrate your wins and push you when you need a little extra encouragement!

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Say hello to your new personal health & fitness coach. They’ll meet with you to set up your customized plans and set realistic goals to get the results you have always wanted.

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Access your workouts, meal plans, and more in our GFIT app. Your coach will be there every step of the way to guide you.

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Check in with your coach on a weekly basis to assess your progress and see how you’re feeling. We’ll provide tips and guidance on how to overcome any obstacles you’re facing and keep you on track.

GFIT client transformations and Google reviews

Our greatest pride is watching you succeed.
" Thank you GFIT for helping me feel comfortable with my own body"
" I was struggling mentally and the GFIT professionals helped me get into a much better place"
" I have never felt better physically, mentally and emotionally"
" I couldn't believe what some guidance and accountability with exercise, nutrition and mindset will help me so much, I am the best version of myself now"
"The coaches are amazing and truly care about their clients, and strive to help clients reach their goals"
Trav Krulicki
" I love my coaches and the entire GFIT team, they are a healthy and supportive community, I highly recommend the program to everyone".

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