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Do you want to reduce your stress levels, lose a few pounds and/or improve your sleep quality?
We have designed a 1-on-1 coaching program to help you transform your life one healthy habit at a time.

Transform your life with your very own Health & Fitness Coaches

All of the following services are included in our one-on-one program.

Service 1

One-on-One Health and Fitness Coaching

Work with certified coaches in exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. Each coach brings their own life experiences, perspectives, and personalities, so there’s a coach that best suits whichever personal journey you’re on right now.
Service 2

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Our team of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists will design customized meal plans to meet your goals that are based on your food preferences and restrictions.
Service 3

Mindset Coaching

Monthly sessions with our Registered Professionals to provide mental health support in areas such as goal setting, stress management, mindset and more.
Service 4

Customized Exercise Plan

The GFIT Team will design a personalized plan based on your body type/lifestyle to keep you accountable and help you reach your goals.
Service 5

Constant Support

The GFIT Team will track your progress with weekly video check-ins responses, monthly assessments, and unlimited communication. They’ll keep you consistent, celebrate your wins and push you when you need a little extra encouragement!

How it works

Our 4 Phase approach will improve your health no matter what your goals are.

Phase 1: Rebuild Metabolism & Balance Hormones

Losing weight or changing your body composition is one thing, but what if you could feel great while doing it? Ensuring you consume adequate calories will speed up your metabolism and balance your hormones. Your body will be primed for healthy weight loss, and you'll feel improvements in strength, energy, sleep, and well-being.

Phase 2: Safe & Smart Weight Loss

Now that your body is back to its natural, healthy state, you have regained the ability to lose weight again, but correctly this time around. You'll start losing weight fast with a personalized nutrition plan that allows you to eat more foods you enjoy without feeling hungry, making the process enjoyable and easy to adhere to.

Phase 3: Effective Weight Management

Now that the unwanted weight is off, it's time to use a reverse diet to boost your metabolism and ensure you are left in a healthy position. Think of it as an insurance policy on weight loss allowing you to maintain your weight by eating more food than ever before without ever feeling hungry.

Step 4

Phase 4: Long-term success

You'll be armed with all the healthy habits you need to sustain your results forever. You'll learn how to transition into an intuitive and flexible lifestyle with a framework to ensure your long-term transformation.

How to get started

The first step is the most difficult; let one of our expert coaches guide you in your journey. Simply fill in the form above, we’ll handle the rest.

Schedule Your Initial Assessment

Say hello to your new personal Health & Fitness Coach. They’ll meet with you to set up your customized plans and set realistic goals to get the results you have always wanted.

Meet Your Coach

Access your workouts, meal plans, and more in our GFIT app. Your coach will be there every step of the way to guide you.

Get Started

Check in with your coach on a weekly basis to assess your progress and how you’re feeling. They’ll provide tips and guidance on how to overcome any obstacles you’re facing, keeping you on track to succeed.

See How You’re Doing

Client Transformations

Our greatest pride is watching you succeed.
Jennifer Noris
I feel like joining GFIT has been the best for me in so many ways! The program is so well rounded with all the support anyone could need to change their lifestyle and reach their goals. They are the best program layout that I’ve ever experienced...
Patti Martin
I joined GFIT at the beginning of July and this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Weekly check-in’s, continuous support, podcasts, recipes, tips and tricks and so much more! It’s not a diet but a lifestyle change...
Sarah Elias
I joined GFIT seeking guidance in weight loss and creating healthy habits. I just have to say what a phenomenal program you have here. I was able to use my benefits to cover majority of the costs and got to meet some fantastic people along the way...
Ashley P
This is hands down the BEST decision I’ve ever made for myself!!! Coach Anthony helped me change my lifestyle from someone who didn’t enjoy exercise to now loving it! He tailored my workout program to meet my needs and goals...
Trav Krulicki
My Fiancée and I started to work with Coach Kaitlyn in September 2021. It was by far the best decision I’ve made for myself and I am still wishing I would have started sooner. Kaitlyn has been more than a coach but a confidant and friend for us...
Mikayla Mischuk
I love the new holistic approach of GFIT and the endless support that has been a standard from the beginning! The coaches are amazing and truly care about their clients, and strive to help clients reach their goals...

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