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Being healthy isn't easy – but pays off

Proper lifestyle choices reduce your risk of chronic disease and improve your quality of life


Over 70% of adults in North America are considered overweight


Studies show 95% of people who lose weight gain it back


Approximately 60% of North Americans adults have a chronic disease


Up to 50% of North Americans experience mental health issues by age 40
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The gfit Approach

We approach wellness differently. We focus on long-term sustainable results, backed by science, ensuring our clients join the 5% successful in managing their weight, balancing their health and living an active lifestyle.
Our programs are designed to help you reach your optimal health – and stay there.
Science based
Your nutrition plan will be backed by science, and based on your schedule and dietary preferences.
Your coach will design a workout plan based on your body type, lifestyle, and goals.
Healthy Habits
We will focus on helping you adopt healthy habits for enduring, meaningful life transformation.
Our team of subject matter experts cover the pillars of wellness so you can sustain your changes.
We will serve you wherever you live. We use the latest communication technology to provide a seamless experience.
Client Success Stories

We Get Results

We design personalized programs based on our clients’ goals – and we support them all the way
Not just healthier, but happier too!
The mental and emotional transformation were even more impressive than the physical.
More energy and more confidence. A sustainable lifestyle.
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Our wellness solutions work and can help you live your best life! We have helped more than 5,000 clients around the world of every age, gender, and lifestyle. Check out what they have to say.
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Rebecca Nissen

People see the physical changes, no one sees what happens through your mental process.

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Jenna Klimchuk

Team G-FIT and Chantelle has been nothing short of amazing and supportive throughout all the ups and downs I’ve going through

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Russell Dela Cruz

Looking back to my old photos and habits I am glad I made the choice to work with team G-FIT as I couldn’t see myself going back to that old lifestyle after seeing such a positive result in my life!

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Gerald Tokariwski

Since I reached my goal, people ask me why I stay with G-FIT, I tell them - "I know where I was, I know where I am, I don't want to go back to where I was."

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Your life is busy and time is scarce. Every aspect of our program respects this by being simple, flexible and mobile. You can easily manage your personal program through your phone or desktop when booking meetings, downloading content or uploading your results. Our coaches can assess you at home, work or on the go. Whenever it’s time to meal prep or workout, we offer 24/7 support for questions, guidance and encouragement.
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  • Online Communication
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