Trisha Cwir

Project and Marketing Manager

Trisha absolutely loves the world of health and wellness! She has a passion for people to live at their best and to love their life. She also has a passion for organizing projects, creating business processes, and creatively communicating her passion of health and fitness to others through digital marketing.

She has a vast professional background in sales and marketing, including but not limited to: social media marketing, sales management, CRM and data management, software integrations, conversational marketing (livechat etc.), event planning, public speaking, sales and marketing funnel creation, and more.

But most of all, Trish loves people! She loves collaborating with her peers on projects and interacting with customers whenever possible. Though she and her husband have already started a nonprofit together, she has another nonprofit in the works to help orphanages in Kenya! Check out her social media links below to contact her or learn more.

Former Junior Olympic Gymnast and Competitive Dancer

Comprehensive Experience in Optimizing and Managing Sales and Marketing

Nonprofit Entrepreneur

Extensive Professional History in the Health and Fitness Industry

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