Nicole Jimenez

Registered Athletic Therapist and Kinesiologist (Ontario)

I am an Athletic Therapist and Kinesiologist Registered. As a multi-registered therapist, I integrate a number of techniques to help patients return to their daily living activities, while implanting tools to help maintain wellness goals.

I have worked with a range of age groups, most notably University/College Athletes and Professional Athletes, which allows me to provide a high level of treatment to all. Teaching individuals the tools to be confident and excited about their wellness journeys is so important and it makes me happy to wake up every day and get to work with so many different people.

I am excited to work with our amazing patients and help you heal your injuries, aches and pains while helping you prevent re-injury!

Bachelor of Arts

Kinesiology with Honors with a concurrent Certification of Athletic Therapy from York University

Athletic Therapist

Has worked with the Raptors 905 Basketball team as well as athletes from all sports

Manual Osteopathy Candidate

Currently working on increasing holistic knowledge and techniques to introduce a more mind and body approach to therapy sessions

Rep Volleyball Coach

Training prospective college and university athletes

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