Karan Raj Kohli

Creative Director

My journey in the creative/tech industry started in high school when I was first introduced to Code while I was doing Fine Arts and thought this is the perfect match.‍

I studied software, web & app development then worked at a creative agency wearing many hats including UI designer, photo/videographer, product design, etc which combined my creative and technical experiences.

I moved to Canada for a Masters's in Web Development two years ago. I had many many great opportunities to help companies and organizations with anything creative from Creative Direction to Developing over 30 websites to UI/UX design, Web Design, Creative Strategy, Business Consultant, Photo/Videography, Product Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy and more.

UI/UX Design Mentor for Canada Learning Code

Mentored twice in UI/UX design workshops

Video Producer Panelist

Selected as 1 of 7 Video Producer Panelists from the World for Int. Business Org

Successfully launched 30+ websites

Planned, Strategized, Designed, and Developed

Participated in over 40 Competitions

From Fine Arts, face paint to Design to tech

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