Jelena Zerajic

Wellness Coach

I am a busy mother of two, a wife as well as a Registered Nurse and a Certified Sports Nutritionist with a passion for fitness and wellness.

My own transformation journey challenged me to discover new ways to balance personal and professional life while taking back control of my health and well-being. As I continue this journey, I feel energized by a renewed sense of purpose in helping people do the same.

I want to combine my passion for fitness and wellness along with my knowledge and experience as a nurse and a sports nutritionist to help clients learn healthy lifestyle habits. Ultimately, I want to help clients be the best version of themselves, to live the longest, happiest and most fulfilled lives.  

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Bachelor of Science - Major in Microbiology - Minor in Physiology

Bachelor of Nursing

ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification

7+ years Performing Health Assessments

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