Grant Reid

Founder, CEO, Coach

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say:

“I Change People’s Lives”.

I founded GFIT Wellness in 2012, and began coaching individuals to become happier, healthier versions of themselves. Being a part of the positive changes in their lives was an indescribable feeling that I fell in love with. I learned very quickly that I had found my true purpose in life.

Since that time, we have transformed 1000’s of lives physically, mentally and emotionally in countries around the world. GFIT Wellness has grown from just myself, to a wonderful team of over 30 Wellness Coaches, Subject Matter Experts, and Specialists. We are currently the fastest growing Wellness company in Canada, and our mission is to change the industry with our innovative and Holistic approach.

8 Years Coaching Experience

More than 2,000 Successful Client Life Transformations  

Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Along with 10 Certifications in Leadership, Coaching, and Performance Development

13 Wellness Publications

Written publications on a variety of mental and physical health topics

Graduating Member of the Arete Syndicate.

(1 of 60 Entrepreneurs chosen from 11,000 Applicants) Graduated May 2019

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