Andrew Mauro

Registered Social Worker (Manitoba)

Working with people is my passion. I have worked with individuals that want to make changes in their life, examining how their past is affecting their future, and exploring behavioral triggers. I enjoy discussing healthy lifestyles, overall wellness, healthy relationships, anger management, career/personal goals, and helping individuals achieve their desired outcomes.

My experience working in crisis and social services has allowed the opportunity to work with individuals and families needing guidance, support, life coaching, addictions support, and community resources/referrals. Advocacy and empowerment are areas of specialty as well.

Understanding healthy relationships and goal planning is my passion!

Bachelor of Social Work and Arts

Registered Social Worker

Manitoba College of Social Workers

Expertise in Various Fields

Trauma Informed Therapy, Clinical one-on-one Counseling, Goal Planning, and Group Therapy

Avid Sports Enthusiast

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