Registered Psychologist (Ontario and Saskatechewan)
Fariba Touyeh

I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process, and we all need to commit to the journey of self-discovery. I believe that the healing of emotional pain happens through self-discovery, understanding one’s personal strengths and weaknesses, encountering, finding ways to overcome obstacles, and embracing life changes. With a client-oriented approach, I provide a non-judgmental setting to help individuals explore their authentic selves, navigate their personal goals, and embrace their personal strengths. 

My approach to treatment is holistic, and I provide a strategy that fits specific presentation because I believe people differ in their way of thinking and feeling. My treatment methods are grounded in evidence-based practice to address various presentations, including depression, anxiety, trauma- and stressor-related disorders, somatic-related issues, insomnia, and chronic pain.  

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