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Wellness Coach

As a Wellness coach, you will assess client lifestyles, address health concerns and then work with the clients to make behavioural changes, and prescribe exercise and nutrition programs in order to promote better health and wellness.


• Vast knowledge of topics surrounding health and wellness 
• Nutrition Certification is required
• Personal Trainer Certification is required. Bachelor in Kinesiology is an asset.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• You demonstrate innovation and an acceptance of new ideas and concepts
• You are able to resolve conflicts with clients and overcome their objections about their health and behaviours.
• You possess above average optimism and motivate others to make changes in their lives
• You lead by example and are committed to your own wellness 
• You are results driven and hold yourself and other people accountable
• You are determined to support your community 

Key Responsibilities

• Provide ongoing support and communication to help clients achieve personal goals
• Coach clients in goal setting, personal growth, and development of life management strategies 
• Prescribe exercise and nutrition programs in alignment with the clients health and wellness goals. 
• Effectively communicate with clients, their families and their other healthcare providers.
• Demonstrate a commitment to clients and a willingness to go above and beyond normal responsibilities to provide the best care possible.
• Confidently express views that may not be popular or shared by clients

By joining the GFIT Wellness Family, you will enjoy:

• Earning potential of up to $100,000
• Competitive compensation, benefits ($1000 per practitioner) , and employee perks ( I will add $1000 per practitioner as our benefit plan is better than most)
• Extensive training and development
• Flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home

Do you strive to help others become healthier, happier, and stronger? Do you cheer them on every step of the way? Do you believe in others and motivate them to believe in themselves?  

Do you want to transform lives? We want to meet you!

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