Why Corporate Wellness is a Company’s Best Investment

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Healthy and happy employees are more productive and more ready to meet the needs of your organization.
What We Offer

Corporate Wellness Program

  • Monthly mental health webinars
  • Monthly healthy recipes designed by our registered dieticians
  • Monthly at-home exercise plans
  • Access to exercise videos (yoga, mobility dumbbells, Zumba and more)
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  • Weekly healthy habit tips
  • Exclusive member perks with discounts of up to 50% at over 3000 retailers across Canada
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  • Access to one-on-one coaching for those interested (services provided by registered professionals and covered by benefit plans)
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  • Fully managed by GFIT Wellness to ensure the most effective use of your internal resources
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Wellness Coaching (one-on-one)

  • Customized meal plans designed by our registered dieticians
    (covered by health benefits)
  • Mindfulness sessions with our registered social workers to talk about stress management, self-love, goal setting etc.
    (covered by health benefits)
  • Employees will have access to a wellness coach that will provide accountability during their entire journey
    (Weekly check-ins and monthly video assessments with ongoing support)
  • Directly managed between employee and GFIT Wellness, with no additional administrative work required
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A Seamless and Integrated Solution

Our corporate wellness solution offers a seamless and integrated solution that provides your team with additional support and resources via our one-on-on wellness coaching.
Corporate Wellness Program
Wellness Coaching (one-on-one)
An investment you can feel good about

The benefits of an effective wellness program

An analysis by Sun Life Financial showed that companies that have an effective corporate wellness program reduced costs and experienced financial gains, including:


fewer days absent per employee per year


higher revenue per employee


higher shareholder returns
ROI breakdown per employee
Corporate wellness investment: $60.00
Estimated benefit: $337.50 (1)
Return on investment = 463%
(1) Based on 7.5 hours x $25 / hour

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We are really proud to have the support and guidance of these reputable organizations. We are working together to provide the highest quality 1 on 1 fitness coaching and corporate wellness solutions to our clients.
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