Case Studies

Rebecca Nissen

People see the physical changes, no one sees what happens through your mental process.

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Jenna Klimchuk

Team G-FIT and Chantelle has been nothing short of amazing and supportive throughout all the ups and downs I’ve going through

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Russell Dela Cruz

Looking back to my old photos and habits I am glad I made the choice to work with team G-FIT as I couldn’t see myself going back to that old lifestyle after seeing such a positive result in my life!

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Gerald Tokariwski

Since I reached my goal, people ask me why I stay with G-FIT, I tell them - "I know where I was, I know where I am, I don't want to go back to where I was."

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Isabelle Moreau

They support me throughout my journey by teaching me the difference of what foods I choose to fuel my body with. They made it easy to live a balance lifestyle and enjoy myself at the same time. It’s feel like you are apart of a family, supported not only when you succeed but when you fall or when life hits you hard!!!

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