Aug 17, 2021

Why Coaches Are Important

The best and most talented athletes in the game have coaches – why don’t you?

Staying in great shape is something you owe yourself. As a beginner or a professional, you’ll always want a strong fitness coach by your side to push you to the next level. Many individuals attempt to lose weight or gain muscle without any support and struggle to make progress. The task is comparable to hiking through a forest for the first time without an experienced tour guide. You aren’t sure where paths will lead, and this fear of the unknown can be confusing and stressful. Instead of risking placing yourself in a state of anxiety, uncertain of the outcome - utilize an experienced leader to efficiently guide you to your goal. A fitness coach can be your guide.

There are three key reasons as to why a fitness coach will increase your rate of success; each of these will be discussed below:


Its quite common for people to get stuck in their comfort zone and do the same exercises and eat the same way week after week, month after month, expecting results and yet they find themselves hitting a plateau. A strong fitness coach will make changes and push and challenge you with new ways of doing things that will break you through those plateaus. Every client also offers a unique situation – diet preferences, training limitations, work schedule, and personality type, to name a few. An experienced coach will develop a plan that is well suited for you. Having a plan that is specifically tailored to you will increase your chances at success. This knowledge cannot be replaced by the generalized information floating around on the web, especially if you are looking for an approach to maintain results long term.


Consistency over time is the key to reach any goal, and loosing weight or gaining muscle is no exception. In order to succeed, you must remain dedicated for more than just a few weeks. When you go through busy or stressful phases in your life and neglect your goals, your fitness coach will be there to hold you to your commitment. There is nothing to be ashamed of – we all get caught up in life. Reoccurring weekly check-in’s with your coach keep you focused and act as a constant reminder to stay on track!


We are all human, and taking your level of fitness to the next level can be as much of a mental battle as a physical one. There will be nights where you are tempted to binge on unhealthy foods, or times that your hectic schedule or extreme stress withhold you from going to the gym. Your fitness coach will provide you with the level of support to overcome these obstacles and keep on track to reach your goals. Consider a coach your mentor and trusted friend.

You’re health and well-being are important to you and it should also be your coaches number one priority.  There are certain traits in a coach that you want to be aware of; someone who practices what they preach, you respect and could get along with as a friend, is not afraid to give you tough love, and has practical experience vs. solely theoretical practices. Bottom line - whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you should always have a coach guiding and supporting you. It is the most effective way of achieving your goals, and should never be underestimated. 

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